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Social Development

The lack or mismanagement of resources, as well high poverty levels, has resulted in poor economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. This has trapped many individuals in the poverty cycle. Naturally, this would result in high levels of frustration which creates and traps many in the cycle of bullying and abuse, as well.Empire Partner Foundation believes that these cycles can be broken through developing a self-sustainable community that practises mutual respect in all aspects.

New Jerusalem childrens Home

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is Christ Consciousness Faith-based non-profit organization presently accommodating 87 children from 0 to 18 years of age. It is a small entity with a big vision. We aim to become one of the best children’s homes in Africa in the provision of holistic and integrated quality care to orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children.


The Bill of Rights of the South African Constitution states that everyone has the right to education,yet stats South africa has indicated that uneployment reach an all time of 27% in 2017. A recent survey also showed that South Africa ranked 139/139 in the world in 2016 for Mathematics and Science as well as 137/139 for Quality of Education! Empire Partner Foundation believes that knowledge is an asset that cannot be taken away and that is why we have focused on projects that promote world class education for its future.

Shule Foundation

The Shule Foundation, co-founded by Jacqueline Wolfson and Okello Kelo Sam, is working to bring quality education, clean water and electricity to poor communities across rural Africa, starting in Kigumba, Uganda.

This is a self-sustainable model designed to provide world-class education to children living in low-income areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. The curriculum,designed by Sub-Saharan Africa Educators, is one that is easily adaptable to an individual country's requirements, thus creating an empowered and productive African youth.


A large portion of health care in South Africa is government subsidised and the public sector faces limited resources and often fails to reach those that need help. The healthcare industry is vast but through futher investigation we have discovered that reproductive health lacks the attention it desperately needs. Young men and women lack the knowledge and understanding of the changes they are experiencing and young women are either missing school every month or resorting to unhygienic solutions so as to ensure that they go to school. The lack of knowledge is also a major contributing factor to teenage pregnancies. This is why Empire Partner Foundation has chosen to focus on reproductive health.

Dignity Dreams

Thandi is a struggling school student who wants to study medicine and become a doctor so she can provide medical treatment to the people in her community. Although she has this dream, she is forced to miss a few days of school every month. However, thanks to Dignity Dreams Thandi can attend school often and can increase her chances of studying medicine and becoming a doctor

Enterprise Development

The private sector contributes greatly to economic growth and sustainable development but large corporates have the ability to grow SMMEs and add to the economic growth of the country as well as uplift local communities.SMMEs are vital to the economy as they contribute to job creation, poverty alleviation, and social cohesion.

Hello SMME IoT


The SMME IoT is a platform for new young entrepreneurs to enable them to effectively plan, strategize to achieve their goals.


Former president Kgalema Motlanthe stated that knowledge is a vital resource along with the ability to generate, access, and distribute it. Our economy will strengthen if we are able to design solutions to this ever changing environment. Unfortunately, Africa ranks poorly in global ICT measures. Empire Partner Foundation believes that programming is the future of the ICT industry and that is why our projects are designed to teach children this highly valuable skill.

PiLab Africa

Pilab Africa aims to teach children in rural communities about the world of computer programing. They have a project that involves using Raspberry Pis to teach orphaned children at the New Jerusalem Children’s Home about coding. This is a step forward to empower children to become tech savvy and increase their chances of having a better life.