Our Story

The Empire Partner Foundation Tech Hub is a non-profit organisation that was started by a group of young South Africans in 2016. Our goal is to build South Africa, and eventually the continent of Africa, by solving key challenges through tech.

The ten challenges that we want to solve are:

  • Water

  • Energy 

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Agriculture

  • Rural Development

  • Transport

  • Housing

  • Unemployment

  • Security

We are partners with Itakane ICT - a South African solutions company. They provide us with full access to their tech suite which consists of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fintech and the Internet of Things. We then use this technology to build solutions that address the key challenges that we are solving. 

Click the button below to visit Itakane ICT's website to learn more about the projects we're involved in.