How Coding Can Tell An Innovative Story!

The Empire Partner Foundation is driven to Build Africa Through Tech. Since we hosted our first hackathon in November 2020, we have seen incredible talent and innovative solutions that will be used to create a digital inclusive society in South Africa.

In order to bring our solutions to life, we look at the various components that go into it, such as lines of code, programming languages and the user experience of our solutions. Creating a digital inclusive society is like artwork. Through innovative, over thousands of lines of code and a dedicated team we are able to use Smart Technology in a creative way that tells a story.

We came across a company that shares the same passion we have at the Empire Partner Foundation. G2i is on a mission be an uplifting force in the tech industry by matching healthy remote developers with healthy engineering teams. They are run by developers for developers focused on React, React Native, and Node.js and believe that specializing in a few tech stacks will allow them to go deeper into the nuanced details of each language and framework they vet for.

They recently published a creative yet inspirational article around how code can be used to tell a story. Their opening paragraph really captures how code is used to tell a story.

A story is an accounting of a set of events or people, real or imaginary. Code is either a system of words, letters or figures substituted for other words, letters or figures, especially for the purposes of secrecy or programming instructions. Sometimes, while reading code (computer science), both definitions apply. In the talk about inclusivity, everyone, all humans, should be able to use the applications or products we build. If we are building for everyone, why then are we writing code like we only want those with our decoder ring to be collaborators? Or we only want the computer to be able to decode what we wrote?

We encourage you to read further into their article as it canvases the beauty of coding in a very unique light. Click the link below to read more:

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