The Future of South Africa's Healthcare System is as Fit as a Fiddle

The Empire Partner Foundation (EPF) hosted its 5th hackathon from 27 to 28 March.

The Digital Citizen Hackathon focused on the challenges of the South African healthcare system. According to WHO, a successful healthcare system has a doctor-population ratio of 1:1000. South Africa’s ratio, however, is 0.78:1000. Because of this, thousands of people do not have access to basic healthcare. This also contributes to the problem of long lines at hospitals, poor service quality, and the overall wellbeing of South Africans and Africa as a whole. This proves to be critical, as no other category of worker is so essential to the wellbeing of a population.

35 developers were selected from a pool of 107 applicants to take part in a 2-day hackathon that included a powerhouse breakfast on arrival met with a networking session. We hosted the hackathon in cozy and professional boardrooms at 35 Ferguson Road, courtesy of Prime Holdings, a sponsor for the event.

The Digital Citizen Hackathon not only aims to empower young tech developers but also to create tech entrepreneurs, or tech-preneurs, in an effort to create and design innovative solutions that will have a massive impact in South Africa.

It was a tight race within an atmosphere of coding and unleashed creativity. Despite the pressure and time-constraint, each team kept their calm and could produce advanced solutions.

The winning team Digital Pulse, however, stood out among the rest with their innovative solution of a doctor’s diagnosis assistant and a respiratory sound analyzer Their idea explored quick and easy file transfers between medical experts, as well as using a sound analyzer that takes sound input from a microphone and predicts the likelihood of respiratory diseases. And all of this was ideated and designed in a brief span of two days!

We would like to give a special thank-you to Takalani Madzhadzhi from Ashanti AI for sponsoring the prize money, Indheran and Maggie Pillay from Prime Holdings for sponsoring the boardrooms, Orkid Media that filmed the hackathon and all the EPF staff. Thank you!

We look forward to working with Digital Pulse and help make their solution a reality for the South African healthcare sector.

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