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Transformation and Compliance

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE): A phrase that resonates increased expenditure and is a topic of dread among many organisations. With the revised codes in place, many companies are finding it difficult to maintain or improve their current B-BBEE levels. However, if understood and used correctly, these codes can and will improve the level of productivity and profitability of any organisation.

CSI Project Management

Mutually beneficial social development can be achieved through a commitment to ensuring that the investment made is one of intention and one that is sustainable. This can be achieved through making informed investments by keeping up with national social targets, global trends, and the state of local communities - something that is priority for the Empire Partner Foundation team. We ensure that your CSI targets are met through self-sustaining projects that we have invested in and that we strongly believe in.

Digital Marketing

Empire Partner assists clients in better understanding the specific socio-economic needs and assets in individual communities.We are involved in initiatives that have the greatest impact in all sectors communities.