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The Empire Partner Foundation Tech Hub is a non-profit organization that was established in 2016,by a group of young South Africans with the sole purpose of empowering the youth to build a better South Africa and African continent through technology. At Empire Partner Foundation Tech Hub, we believe that technology can be used as a tool to solve some of the key socio-economic challenges that we face today.

Our mission is to drive technology to make a sustainable impact in South Africa and the African continent. We use Technology, the Youth and Entrepreneurs to solve 10 Key Sector Challenges relating to Water, Energy, Transportation, Rural Development, Education, Unemployment, Healthcare, Housing, Agriculture and Safety and Security.

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Empire Partner Foundation has launched multiple programmes to achieve our goal in building Africa through Tech.

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Dr. Stella Bvuma

"The digital economy requires more than a mobile device, it requires high quality, high-capacity internet access. Connectivity needs to be discussed before addressing the impact of technology in Africa. One of the most common challenges is small businesses’ access to market. Access needs technology which needs infrastructure. Those responsible in that space need to come on board."

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Digital Innovators

50 Solutions
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25 Hackathons

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50 Internships
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24 Incubated Teams
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Frequently Asked Questions

The workstreams are a social dialogue platform , developed with the purpose to shape a national discussions to create awareness and intervention for identified challenges.

What is the purpose of the Workstreams?

To connect civil society and key industry stakeholders- An interactive and informative platform is developed and on this platform stakeholders are invited to work collectively to develop effective solutions that will have a long-term national footprint, to improve the lives of all South Africans.

The Incubation hub is an opportunity for the youth that come from our hackathons to build tech driven businesses.

Is it just limited to hackathon winners or can anyone be part of the hub?

At present only winners from the hackathons can become part of the incubation hub

How many businesses have been incubated


The goal of EPF Studio is to introduce South African technology to the younger generation and to highlight young people-owned start-ups. Youth inspiration and a demonstration of South Africa’s technological prowess are among our goals.

What type of interview content does the studio usually focus on?

We host industry experts, tech savvy individuals and experienced youth who are hell-bent on solving socio-economic challenges facing South Africa.

Is the studio available for rental, what are the rates?

Yes. From as little as R250 per hour you can rent out our studio and if you need more info contact kevin@empirepartnerfoundation.org or emile@empirepartnerfoundation.org

The Innovation Campus is a Software Development division of the Empire Partner Foundation. Our objective to design and develop innovative software.

What does the Innovation Campus do?

Software development, systems integrations, data engineering, quality assurance, cloud architect solutions, mobile development, business analysis and web application.

Soon to announced.

A hackathon is an event, hosted by a tech company or organization, where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project.

EPF hackathons?

Are hosted to find solutions to the 10 socio-economic challenges and winning teams get a chance to be Incubated into a 1-2 year tech-preneurship programme (Incubation Hub) where they can build their solution into a sustainable business.

How many hackathons have been hosted?






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Ground Floor, 35 Ferguson Road, Illovo, Sandton, Gauteng, 2196

Call: +27 11 084 1100

Email: info@empirepartnerfoundation.org