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International Academic Programme (IAP)

The International Academic Programme (IAP) is an international skills development programme facilitated by Empire Partner Foundation (EPF) that offers opportunities to pursue higher education in recognized universities and universities of higher learning. IAP is one of the 6 products offered by EPF, developed at its core to address the Education and Unemployment socio-economic challenges.


We Are Solving

Social Exclusion and Resource Inequalities

As an International Academic Programme, Empire Partner Foundation acknowledges the critical role of social exclusion and resource inequalities in the problems it aims to address. EPF recognizes that marginalized communities often face barriers in accessing education, resources, and opportunities, leading to social exclusion and exacerbating resource inequalities. Through its initiatives and interventions, EPF seeks to tackle these challenges by promoting inclusivity, equity, and access to education, resources, and opportunities for all, irrespective of social or economic background.


Lack of skills and skills development opportunities remain a barrier to employment Saturated market with unmatched skills.

Skills Inequalities Gap

Skills inequalities gap between previously disadvantaged groups and advantaged groups Low skills remain a barrier to employment, empowerment and well-being.

Depression and Crime

Little or no skills can lead to unempowered individuals which can affect well-being and cause depression and suicide Little or no skills can lead to individuals turning to crime as a source of income or time occupation.


Offerings & Future Projects

  • Local
  • International
  • Bridging Course (Post Matric)
  • Orientation Programmes

  • Olympiad (March)
  • Russian Language (Feb)
  • Hackathon (2023)
  • Digital "Think Tanks (2024)
  • Services

  • Business Facilitation
  • Tourist Facilitation

    Scholarships 2022

    200 Applications
    27 Students were sent to study abroad
    20 International universities that have accepted, enrolled and hosting our students

    Scholarships 2023

    500 Applications
    20 Students to be selected to study abroad

    Foreign Language Course 2023

    1000 Applications
    500 Students enrolled in Foreign Langugae Course beginning March 2023

    Olympiad 2022

    10 Student finalist flew to Sochi to compete in the International Olympiad on Financial Security


    "Track, Monitor, Succeed:Your One-Stop Performance Dashboard for Global Education"

    PEMODA is a Performance Monitoring Dashboard designed to monitor a student's performance throughout their studies. The system has been built to support scholarship and other academic and training programs, in South Africa and abroad. Currently, the design actively accommodates two international scholarships: Russian and Hungarian. During the course of the year, it is expected that this range of offerings will significantly increase


    Improved Academic & Psycho-Social Support & Well-being

    Breaks communication barriers between stakeholders: students, tertiary institutions, government, parents, and skills development service providers. Streamlines application and recruitment processes

    Empowering Student Support

    Enables assertive support to students: academic and psycho-social support Helps students centrally keep track and stay on top of their academic, financial and psycho-social well-being.

    Higher Graduation Rates and Efficient Data Management

    Guarantees higher graduation rate Central data management system

    PEMODA for Business Operationst

    Time and cost-effective Fully adjustable for business KPI monitoring



    St Petersburg University

    Russian Embassy, RSA

    RUDN University



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