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EPF is impact driven:
  • Our main focus is on empowering students from townships and rural developments as part of our effort to guarantee that our youth are not left behind in the new digital era.
  • We encourage and empower the youth to become entrepreneurs and support them in their Entrepreneurial journey.
  • We create platforms where students can come together to share knowledge and use their creativity and innovative skills to solve the challenges that affect them in their daily lives and the society.
  • We have EPF Tech Hub, where we create IT platforms to educate our society on issues relating to socio-economic changes.
  • We also use the EPF Tech Hub as a support centre for business in our Incubation Hub.
  • We advance students digital skills.
  • We create opportunities for students to find employment through our extensive internal and external network.
  • We partner with other African tech hubs to work collectively in sharing knowledge and technology.
  • Donations to EPF qualify for full tax deduction, Section 18A certificate will be issued upon submission of Proof of Payment.



Branch Code: 250955
Account no: 62630239243
Account type: Cheque


Ground Floor, 35 Ferguson Road, Illovo, Sandton, Gauteng, 2196

Call: +27 11 084 1100