De Beers Open Day

- EPF Open Days -

Empire Partner Foundation hosted an open day on the 22nd of September 2022 with the De Beers team to showcase the tech solutions available within our EPF Tech Hub. Our teams in our EPF Tech hub showcased the tech solutions that they are still in the concept faze and some that are live solutions getting ready for market. The Open day event gave us an opportunity to build good relationships but also to move towards are solution focused future.

1. Township Distribution Model (TDM) - The company focuses on SMME Development, Manufacturing, Township Data, Brand Activation, Funding and Financing township start-ups. Their solutions allow TDM to continue to build the township economy.
2. - An online professional learning community platform provides educational resources to students, teachers and allows them to build a beneficial education community that has access to educational resources. The resources are available to everyone due to different language inclusion.
3. Hippocampus (Personal Digital Tutor using Al) - The person digital tutor allows students to gain education in specific subjects such as engineering and mining for university students, maths, and sciences for high school students.
4. Reatec is an integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting tool that uses Software as a service (Saas). This platform currently monitors SMME development in specific business projects and can be tailored to client's needs.
5. Skills Blackboard (Uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the skills, experience and education required for a particular role and matches this to the skills, experience, and education of the candidates.
6. GBV Mobile Application this is an app developed to reduce the occurrence of gender-based violence cases. By creating a trust circle someone in danger can alert their circle and the police immediately.
7. Progress Reporting Tool - This tool allows businesses to monitor working progress of their employees and as well as to manage interns. Currently the EPF Innovation campus uses to the tool to manage the MICT SETA interns.
8. Workstreams - Digital Community engagement platform that allows better communication engagement with industry leaders and community members to align solving socio-economic solutions.

What is encouraging is that De Beers team has established ICT programs in Musina and Blouberg, which align with EPFS mandate to build a better future for the youth in South Africa.

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